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at present, colchicine is the most studied drug in this field, and we have enough evidence an open label randomised trial, the cope trial and a multicenter double blind randomised trial-present icap study , in my view, to support its use in acute pericarditis first episode as well as for the first recurrence of pericarditis after the index attack as supported by the previously published corp trial.

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since colchicines is an established mutagen, its ability to act as a carcinogen must be suspected and administration of probenecid and colchicine should involve a weighing of the benefit-vs-risk when long-term administration is contemplated.

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the company says 50,000 patients have signed up for the program, but it s hard to know what percentage of gout and fmf patients that represents; between 1 million and 2 million colchicine prescriptions are written each year.

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200,000 in the united states who has to take colchicine for my quality of life as well as to save my life.

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